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We all know that the human body is susceptible to illnesses such as a cold or flu and that if the symptoms are severe enough they may need medical attention to restore health. Similarly, feelings of sadness, anxiety, worry, irritability or sleep problems are common to most people. However, when these feelings become very intense, last for a long period and/or begin to interfere with our daily activities it is a sign of a mental illness needing professional help—either within the clinical environment or as part of a day program.

The general acute unit provides individual and group therapy for a range of mental health disorders. Patients with similar disorders or issues are grouped together in the unit so they can participate in group programs aimed at learning to recognise the factors contributing to their illness and the use of effective coping strategies.

The unit provides treatment programs for older adults (over 65 years of age) with mood and anxiety disorders. The treatment programs are designed to promote the development of their mental, social and independent living skills, such as self-care.

Patients are treated with dignity in a family environment that is nurturing and supportive. The unit is staffed with specialist mental health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists as well as a physiotherapist, music and art therapist and dietician. They work collaboratively with family, friends and external clinicians to assist the patient after their discharge.

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