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Professional Treatment for Anxiety

Assisting Newcastle locals cope with anxiety

Anxiety is something that every Australian experiences in one form or another throughout their lives. An anxiety disorder however is debilitating and isolates individuals, and professional treatment may be recommended.

People who suffer from anxiety disorders generally experience feelings of disproportioned and intensified worry or fear. These feelings can lead to avoidance of everyday activities such as family or social situations, and even employment. Lakeside Clinic is a division of Warners Bay Private Hospital and delivers a high standard of anxiety treatment, including counselling, for Newcastle locals.

Qualified counselling services for patients with anxiety

As an accredited provider of a range of mental health treatment programs, Lakeside Clinic specialises in effective counselling strategies for people with anxiety. Typically, the characteristics of an anxiety disorder include:

Physical: Patients with anxiety disorders often experience racing heartbeat, rapid breathing, a dry mouth, nausea, dizziness and light-headedness as a result of excessive stress hormones and other bodily chemicals

Behavioural: The behavioural patterns of a person with anxiety include avoidance of everyday situations such as work, family or social situations; it can even lead to fear or uncomfortable worry when leaving the house

Psychological: People with anxiety perceive danger to be more amplified than necessary resulting in underestimation in their coping abilities

Lakeside Clinic provides all inpatient and day patient participants with the highest level of treatment and counselling for anxiety disorders. For more information contact Lakeside Clinic today on (02) 4958 4288 or fill in our online contact form.

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