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Telehealth: keeping group therapy going in isolation

Group therapy is a critical part of many of our patients’ recovery. Using Zoom, we’re supporting patients to continue attending while complying with isolation restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

How does group therapy work via telehealth?

Put simply, telehealth is a health service provided remotely, usually via a video call. For our group therapy programs, we are connecting patients and therapists using popular online meeting platform Zoom.

Our clinic has been fitted with new smartboards and webcams to ensure the best possible experience, and all the groups we normally run can now be accessed via telehealth.

Continued therapy for people who need to isolate

Telehealth is perfect for patients who are in a vulnerable/risk category relative to coronavirus.

These groups can include people who are:

  • infected by COVID
  • in self isolation due to likely contact or overseas travel
  • pregnant
  • over 65 years old
  • living with phobias or anxiety that prevents them from being able to attend group in person

Patients are welcome to attend group therapy in person or attend via Zoom if they would prefer, and if their health fund covers it (please note that not all health insurers cover group therapy sessions via Zoom).

How do I sign up for telehealth group therapy?

Patients interested in telehealth group therapy should get in touch with the clinic. A review by Dr. Cynthia Parker, the clinical director, is required before a patient can be signed over to the telehealth service.

All the patient needs at their end is a good internet connection, a webcam-enabled device, and the Zoom application.

For further information about telehealth group therapy or any other service, contact the day programs team on 02 4941 3709.