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Ramsay Hospitals Goes Wireless

Jul 01, 2010

Patients at Ramsay Hospitals can now enjoy wireless internet access on demand during their admission after wireless technology was recently installed throughout the hospital.

Ramsay Hospitals is offering patients wireless internet access at a very competitive rate during their stay and the take-up rate since installing the technology has been high.

The deployment of HP ProCurve WLAN equipment in Ramsay Hospitals for patients was part of the hospital's commitment to upgrade non-clinical services and facilities in line with the increasing expectations of patients. The $1 million mass deployment throughout all of the Company's facilities was competed in December 2009 and enables wireless computing for both patients and medical practitioners.

"We already had wireless internet access for our doctors in theatre but we had so much feedback from patients that they wanted internet access whilst they were recovering in our hospital, that we thought the investment in this technology was well worthwhile," said a hospital spokesperson.

"We believed that providing patients with wifi access will be looked on favourably particularly when patients wanted to continue working during their treatment or recovery."

"Since the installation of wireless to the hospital the take-up rate by patients right across the hospital has been extremely high and continues to grow."

For those patients who do not bring their own laptops to hospital to access the wifi networks, Ramsay Hospital has a number of internet kiosks (*) throughout the hospital with 24 hour access for patients and visitors to the hospital.

The investment in wireless technology also assists specialists who will be able to access information in relation to the care of their patients from anywhere within the hospital. This access significantly increases practitioner efficiency and has been welcomed by specialists in the Hospital.

For more information, please view the Wireless Internet Access brochure.

(*) Where these are provided at individual hospitals